How to Build A Phantom Caprice

Remember Autorama last spring? Remember the insane Caprice/Rolls Royce Phantom mashup that sported 30-inch wheels? Now, nearly a year later, we can show you photos of how the creation was created. Seems the fellows at Spate—and here comes that word again—Creations are master sculptors, as the entire nose was preformed in closed-cell foam then skinned with fiberglass. Translation: That's some goddamn creativity! We also get details on exactly what kind of money went into creating this one-of-a-kind...ahhh yeaaahhh...creation!


Plastic surgery is never cheap, and this is no exception. Putting a Rolls nose on a Chevy seems to have had an impressive price tag. Rumors place it in the neighborhood of $150,000. But what's above the bottom line on that total? A $23,000 572 cubic-inch supercharged Merlin marine engine, for one thing. And those flashy TIS 30s run up to about $20 large. Candy-apple paint chipped in $12,000, and the air bag suspension another $7,000. Those are some hefty numbers, and we haven't even heard about the sound system or quite probably opulent interior yet. We believe the proper term in this case is not "creative," but dayum!

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