How To Build A 4WD Vehicle

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Hankering for some cheap off-road fun? Popular Mechanics has put together a rough guide for mud-plugging on any budget. Pictured is PopMech autos editor Ben Stewart demonstrating how not to go off-road. [Popular Mechanics]


The comments (not the article, didn't read it, PopMech is for desperate airport reading only) remind me of a contest I once envisioned where I wanted to see if a Caprice (of the boxy or bathtubbed variety after the mid-80s) or a P71/Towncar could outlast modern "crossover" SUVs on trails. Sure, the departure angles are all terrible, and both driver and vehicle would need some LSD action, but I really do think they could outrun and outlast every RAV4, CR-V, Compass, Patriot, Nitro, Equinox, Ridgeline, Forester(maybe), XL7, Rodeo, Pathfinder(contemporary), Armada, Tahoe, Suburban, Sequioa, Rogue, Freelander(maybe), GLK, M-class, RX-class, bah the list just keeps going.

Somebody provide me with all these cars for testing.