How To Boost A Dead Battery

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We've done Parking Lot Mechanic before, and that was both great and great fun. But I am no certified mechanic, nor do I have a parking lot, so why not kick back, relax, and watch some movies?

Boosting a dead battery is another one of those basics that all drivers should know. In the course of the life of a car, it's almost a certainty that you would need to give the battery a bit of a jump to get you going again.


It used to be that the number one cause of battery death was that you left your headlights on overnight. That's less of a threat these days, with many cars turning their headlights off automatically, but it still happens. A battery will eventually die if a car is not driven for a sufficient amount of time as well, and boosting the battery would be your first step in getting it back on the road.

Not to worry, though, as it's actually pretty easy if you have jumper cables. Just remember to be safe, put the clamps in the proper place, and try to avoid zapping yourself.


Last time we did this we learned how to change a tire. Of course, if this kind of thing is too easy we'll be getting up to the tougher stuff pretty soon. Remember, we all have to start somewhere.