How To Blow Up A Big-Block V8

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It's easy to toss around horsepower figures; It's quite another to conceive of how much power is actually behind such figures. Like when this massive V8 blows up with the force of 850 ponies.

The owner of this engine, a Boss 557 that was headed for a custom Mustang hot rod, says the dyno test had gone well the first six times — despite the use of a flywheel from a smaller stock 427 engine, in place of a tougher piece the owner had left behind. After some tweaks, the engine was generating 850 hp on test number 7 when the flywheel gave way.


And how much damage was done? According to the owner's post on a Mustang forum, "the flywheel came apart, blew through the block slicing the starter in half. It then went through the wall into the next room hitting a metal cabinet." Like a Boss, indeed. [BangShift]


H.A.R.B. (formerly two wheels are enough)

This brings up a good point - is there any downside or risk associated with replacing the stock flywheel with a lightweight aluminum flywheel if the engine is kept stock and produces modest power? I'm thinking about swapping in a lightweight flywheel to improve engine response if/when I have to replace the clutch on my BMW 530i (M54B30). Any opinions/experience/advice would be appreciated.