How To Accidentally Put 90,000 Miles On A Used Supercar

(Image: Road & Track/Fred Plan)

After finally saving up for his dream car, a first-generation Acura NSX, Fred Plan wasn’t about to let it sit idle in some garage. He ended up putting a whole lot more mileage on the car than he’d planned, but his story’s a great example of “if you treat a car right, it’ll be good to you right back.”

Blake Z. Rong wrote up Plan’s epic Acura adventure for Road & Track as “Have Supercar, Will Travel.


Plan basically did what most of us dream about—spent as much time as possible behind the wheel of his beloved car, and the rest working on or polishing it.

Once he had the car completely dialed in, it ran and ran and ran from one side of the U.S.A. to another and eventually onto Hawaii.

“I’ll take it to Cars & Coffee, and every question I get is, ‘Any reliability issues?’” Fred says. “The best thing I can come up with is that it eats rear tires really fast—six-thousand miles on the rear tires. That’s pretty much my only complaint. If that’s the only thing I gotta do in terms of pay to play, I will happily pay.”

It’s an inspirational way to start the weekend, for sure. Shoot, now I’m about ready to put some miles on my own old Acura this weekend.

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