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How The New Aston Martin DB11's Design Compares To Astons Of The Past

DB5, DB6 - Aston Martin Heritage, DB9, DB11 - Aston Martin
DB5, DB6 - Aston Martin Heritage, DB9, DB11 - Aston Martin

There’s a new Aston Martin DB! It goes to 11! Hilarious. We’re currently having an office debate over whether or not the new DB11 is pretty compared to the DB9, which is ridiculous because it is—just like the DB6 was still pretty when it followed the iconic DB5.


Basically, I think the DB11 is to the DB9 what the DB6 was to the DB5.

Nobody scoffs at a DB6! They just all think it’s a DB5, so it’s more of an “oh.” To make this argument easier to divide friendships and maybe more, I’ve created some easy comparisons below.


The DB5 and DB6:

The DB9 and DB11:


More to my point, a slightly older and maybe facelifted Monica Bellucci is still the beautiful, enigmatic Monica Bellucci. A nip/tucked DB9 with a new V12 heart is still a perfect Aston Martin. We all knew it would be next to impossible for the DB11 to meet expectations following the decades of drool over the DB9, and it’s okay! The DB11 is still a gorgeous design, and will be for another decade of drool.

Just think about the DB6 for a moment; it debuted in 1965, the same year as the fourth James Bond film Thunderball hit theaters and became the biggest movie of all time ever back then—featuring a DB5. Not only that, but the DB5 was already massively popular following the success of the previous Bond film, Goldfinger—a movie that made the DB5 so iconic James Bond still drives it today.


There was no way in hell Aston Martin was going to go a completely new direction with the DB6, just like they haven’t in following the DB9 with the DB11.

Illustration for article titled How The New Aston Martin DB11s Design Compares To Astons Of The Past

For those who don’t like the DB11, just remember that Aston followed the DB6 with the massively different DBS, which is where you can trace the basic lines of the DB7, DB9, and DB11 from. So whatever follows the DB11 may be revolutionary, but it also doesn’t have to be!

Let your Astons be pretty in whatever form! We all win.


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Why did you skip the DB7? It’s my favorite. Sliders are fun to play with.