All this poor 29-year-old from Melbourne, Australia wanted was to recycle a barbecue he'd seen wasting away on the side of the road. Sadly, you can't do something this ridiculous and not become an internet sensation and police target.

Kiwi Michael Wiles saw the discarded BBQ on the side of the road and decided it would make a nice addition to his home. Driving only a motorcycle, he had to fit the BBQ over his body by actually wearing it. Putting his body through the lower storage area sort of makes sense, but wearing the grill itself on his helmet seems to have sparked the most trouble.

The thought process of this guy gets a little more questionable when you discover the BBQ was, in fact, a dud, which explains why it was set out in the trash.

But, nonetheless, once someone then put the photo up on the Internet it spread like a wild kangaroo barbecue fire and police were eventually able to identify him via his acquaintances.

Despite advertising offers from a barbecue company, Wiles wants to put this whole delicious mess behind him and has accepted a $700 fine and a one-month license suspension. He's also given up on the dream of owning a barbie to throw shrimp on, saying "I'm better off without one." (Hat tip to Dan!)