How That Tire Pressure Light You've Been Ignoring Gets Revenge

(Image: Michele Abbate/YouTube)
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We may never know why the person couldn’t stop when they lost a tire, but I’m pretty sure they made the wrong choice.

This dingus dragging a rim on their Toyota Tundra was spotted by pro Scion racer Michele Abbate on a highway recently, cruising at about 60 mph by her account. And as you can see, wreaking havoc on the road.

(Video might be NSFW for language.)

A tire can go flat, blow out or I guess flat-out fall off for a number of reasons but there are really no good reasons to keep driving after your wheel loses its rubber.


Besides the obvious danger of crippling your vehicle’s ability to handle while generating extreme heat, the person in this truck is ruining everybody else’s experience by throwing sparks everywhere and cutting a little trench into the asphalt.

Moral of the story: learn how to change a tire, or get a AAA membership. Don’t turn your car into a two-ton angle grinder while the rest of us are trying to use the road, please.


Hat tip to Paulo!

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“...there are really no good reasons to keep driving after your wheel loses its rubber.”

  1. You’re on a bridge.
  2. You’re on a highway with no shoulder.
  3. You’re on a blind corner.
  4. You’re on the far side of a hill.
  5. Zombies.