While hardcore enthusiasts would rather not spare weight, most consumers are yearning for smarter cars with as many electronic gadgets as possible. To find out where your car falls we've developed this quiz answering: "How smart is your car?"

This test is divided into eight sections. Add up the points in each section and use the handy Jalopnik rubric at the bottom to discover just how smart your car truly is. If you have multiple features in a section (say ESP and ABS) add them both into to the total. If your car is controlled by your iPod, you get to start with 100 points.

1.) Engine
Variable Valve/Cam Control (VTEC, VVTI): 5 points
Electronic Fuel Injection: 3 points
Mechanical Fuel Injection: 1 point
Carbureted: 0 points

2.) Ride/Handling/Brake Control
Launch Control: 10 points
Paddles: 5 points
Dynamic Stability/Ride Control: 5 points
ESP: 3 points
ABS: 2 points
Just A Steering Wheel: 0 points

3.) Navigation
Realtime Traffic/Weather: 10 points
GPS: 5 points
OnStar: 1 point
KeyMap: 0 points


4.) MMI Interface
Voice-Activated: 5 points
Touchscreen: 3 points
Dials: 1 points
Push-Button: 0 Points

5.) Entertainment
Sync: 15 points
Full iPod Control: 13 points
DVD Player: 12 points
Aux input: 11 points
Sat Radio: 9 points
CD Player: 7 points
Cassette: 5 points
AM/FM: 3 points

6.) Communications
Wireless Internet: 15 points
Voice control: 10 points
Hands-Free Bluetooth: 7 points
CB Radio: 5 points
Electric-Roll-Down-The-Window: 4 points
Roll-Down-The-Window: 3 points


7.) Instrument Display
Heads-Up Display: 10 Points
Full LCD: 10 Points
Partial LCD: 5 points
Electronic Speedo: 4 points
LED Display: 3 points (Black Gooold!)
Warning Lights: 2 points
Clock: 2 points
Odometer: 1 point

8.) Hybrid
Full Electric Vehicle: 10 points
Extended Range Electric Vehicle (Volt): 8 points
Full Hybrid (Prius, Fusion): 5 points
Partial Hybrid (Malibu): 3 points
Internal Combustion Only: 0 points
Two Internal Combustion Engines: - 5 points

9.) Safety
Airbag: 2 points each

The Answer Key
60+ Points: HAL 2000 - "I'm sorry Dave, I can't drive you there"
50-59 Points: CYLON CAR - "Silly humans, you don't want to go there"
40-49 Points: R2D2 - "Beeep beeep boop boop"
30-39 Points: JOHNNY 5 - "Your car is alive, man!"
20-29 Points: RoboCop - "I'm half man, half machine"
10-19 Points: The Six Million Dollar Man - "We have the technology, we can rebuild him"
Less than 10 Points: HUMAN - "The smartest car of all, only controlled by the human brain"


So, how do you score?

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