How Porsche Teaches People To Not Suck At Driving

Driving! It's a very useful ability. It allows people to take their kids to school or go to a bad part of town to buy drugs. It is also done on a racetrack sometimes. The problem is, most people are terrible at it. Fortunately, these folks are here to help: the Porsche Sport Driving School.

The Porsche driving school is dedicated to helping people learn to not not suck at driving. They even let you bring your own 911!

But since it costs about $1,500 a day, most of us poor schlubs can't afford to go there, let alone bring a 911 along. Thankfully, the good people at XCAR went there for us, and they brought video cameras along for good measure, too.


XCAR's Alex Goy takes a car through some of the school's challenges, including a wet road designed to cause spinouts and the simulation of an icy road. It's the kind of advice that can help on the track and in the real world.

Speaking of "track," then they get to run some laps in the 911 on Silverstone. Best school day ever? Maybe.

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Ron Calls on his years of experience....and freezes at the controls

Sounds cool.

Oddly though my first thought was about the safety aspects.i'm very much for people learning how to properly control a car- something that's DESPERATELY needed here (in oz)