The original Saturn SL2s were paragons of virtue — inexpensive, fairly well-built, and decked in only the finest rustproof body panels. This may be the only time an owner has tested his SL2 by hauling a riding lawnmower in one.

The Craftsman 1036 mower dates to the mid-'70s, so either this one's riding for free or its hauler has some other function in mind. The plank to keep both of the lawnmower's front wheels off the ground is a nice touch, although if faced with the same conundrum others might have chosen a rope that had less in common with dental floss. And that floppy mower deck is going to do a number on the plastic bumper.

Still, there's something to be learned here. This wouldn't have been such a big problem if Mr. SL2 had a car with a more useful hauling compartment — for example, a clean, flat pickup bed.


Thanks to Cody!