How NOT To Get Out Of Paying For a Tow Truck

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You rent a moving van, then decide to take a dubious shortcut involving forbidding Montana dirt roads. Things don't go so well after that, and the van ends up stuck in a ditch. No, wait— you were hijacked!


This story wouldn't work so well at any time, but when John Law is scouring the countryside for fugitives John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, he doesn't take kindly to cheapskate truck renters who send dozens of law-enforcement types off on wild-goose chases for nonexistent truckjackers. Beau Justin Heyser, 22, has since discovered that there are much, much worse things than paying extra fees to the rent-a-truck company.
[Helena Independent Record]

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

That's a long and convoluted plan to cover up rental car abuse.

'Road tests' I like to do after picking up a rental car...

- 'Check' to see if the rev limiter is working.

-Take time observing the revs at which the limiter cuts in.

-Test what material is used for the clutch friction pads by taking off in top gear (mmm asbestos).

-FWD: Make sure the handbrake is strong enough hold the car in place regardless of what the front wheels are doing.

-RWD: Explore the limits of power-on adhesion whilst cornering.

-Discover why the computer has put the car in 'limp home' mode.