​How Not To Get Fried In A Formula E Car

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Top Gear got an exclusive go-round in one of the first Formula E prototypes, and that included a very specific exiting procedure to avoid frying the driver if the battery fails.

Jason Barlow's seat time in the Formula E was drama-free, with the TG hot-shoe impressed by the chassis, the sound, and the ease of handling the 200-hp EV. Which made this description of how to get out of the car in the event of a battery catastrophe that much more jarring:

The car's battery pack is encased in a carbon sandwich, and there's a triple layer safety system. But a green light ahead of me will go red if it all fails, and if it does I have to climb out across the nosecone and jump down. Keep one foot in the car and one on the ground, and I will literally be toast.


Which makes sense. But if something truly disastrous happens, how plausible is it for the driver to follow that procedure when the fit hits the shan?