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How New York's Pothole Crews Cleared 30,000 Potholes Post-Sandy

New York's infrastructure system is rather demanding. The next time you sit on the train, just think about what it took to restart the metro system after Sandy.


The guys from Tumblr spent a day with one of the teams of New York City's pothole repair crew. These people got rid of 2,500 tons of debris after Snowpocalypse Sandy, and also fixed more than 30,000 potholes since the storm.

You can follow their work at The Daily Pothole, and also give them a shout if the tarmac in your street looks like it came from a war zone. They are almost as affective as Ron Swanson, and that's quite an achievement. All they need is a more impressive moustache, or someone like Leslie Knope. We would recommend the moustache...


Hat tip to Stipistop, a Hungarian blog that shows the world through our vehicles.

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That would be quite impressive if it weren't for the fact that they "fix" potholes in such a quick-and-dirty way that we end up with concrete molehills rather than holes, which is only slightly better. I realize it's a big undertaking and an expensive one, but i'd be much happier if they did a proper job on 3,000 holes rather than a shitty job on 30,000.

I just came back from India, and for all the chaos and corrupt public system over there, they still manage to have perfectly smooth roads. Meanwhile, in New York fucking City, you need an off-road vehicle to get around without fearing for your rims and axles.