How Many GoPros Do You Count In This Photo?

I must say I really enjoyed watching Gymkhana 7. Twice. It's nicely shot and very entertaining, with LA providing the perfect background. Larry Chen went behind the scenes to show us how it was done.


Say what you will about Ken Block's rallying adventures, but during the five days of shooting this video, he drove without crashing the car once while doing one insane stunt after another. That's impressive, and so is that the "65" Mustang that was full of ASD Motorsports' custom parts stayed solidly reliable the whole time.

The biggest question mark for me was how the hell could they get all the permits for the numerous locations in the movie capital of the world, which also happens to be a rather busy metropolis with practically no public transport. Speedhunters' Larry Chen was there to investigate. It's beautiful, go read it.

Photo Credit: Larry Chen/SPEEDHUNTERS

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