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How Many Drinks Was That? Wert Discusses Ford's Capital Ideas

Ray took some time out of his busy LA Auto Show coverage schedule to speak with CNBC reporter (and possible future deputy mayor of LA ) Michelle Lee about the not-so-Big Three's Washington, D.C. problem and Ford's presence as the only domestic automaker actually showing off new cars. Take a drink anytime that Ray says any variation of the world "capital" and it should be a good Thursday afternoon. [CNBC]


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Rob Emslie

Ford capitalized on the capital market by getting their capital on before going to the Capitol and asking for additional capital from Capitol Hill which it turned out wasn't such a capital idea and now they need to cap it all and get back to what they do best, capitalizing on a weak capital market by moving strategic capital assets into stronger yield opportunities so they don't have to capitulate to their debt holders or make another trip to. . . whoa, now I am drunk.