How many cars have you crashed?

This question comes straight from Jalopnik's awesomely raucous rec-room #oppositelock, where Batshitbox,Interface_Revisions_... first posed today's QOTD. It may be painful to remember, but try anyway. How many cars have you crashed?

For me, and I'm knocking vigorously on a wooden plank as I write this, there were only two. The first was my old '83 Mazda 626 notchback. I was turning at an intersection of a secondary-road in upstate New York, and hit a patch of black ice. As the car understeered toward a utility pole, I somehow was able to coax it next to the pole. The 626's wedge hood slid underneath some sort of telephone box, which severed one of the windshield wipers, but caused no other damage. The second was my old '93 Toyota pickup, in which I rear-ended a Gypsy cab. Long story.


Matt Hardigree relates his own crashcapade: "I once lightly rear-ended the metal bumper of a Jeep Commando truck with my rubbermaid-esque Ford Escort bumper, causing no damage to the truck but a giant crack in the Escort. I also crushed the fender of a Nissan Frontier PRO-4X while off-roading in Bryan, Texas."

We'll try to get the others to give up the goods — if you do.

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