How Many Cars Can You Spot on This 360° Monterey Motorsports Reunion Paddock Ride?

All image credits: Raphael Orlove

Looking at old, expensive and famous cars is great and everything, but it’s a whole other thing altogether to see them hanging out on the racetrack and in the paddock. That’s where they’re meant to be and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion does just that.

Arguably, the best part of any motorsports event is the paddock. If you ever get a chance for a stroll through one, immediately take advantage of the offer.

In the paddock, you’ll find all the race cars parked and their crews running about, fixing them or getting them ready. You’ll hear them idling, smell their exhaust and get an up-close look at them, a rare opportunity indeed.


This video, taken from the paddock of this year’s 2018 Motorsports Reunion, gives you a great sense of the scope of cars that showed up this year. You’ll see vintage Nissans, vintage Porsches and McLarens. And that’s only a tiny fraction.

It’s a near 17-minute video. How many cars can you spot through the whole thing?

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