How GM saved a Chrysler 300 from car thieves

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OnStar has played eye-in-the-sky for police chasing down stolen GM vehicles about 58,000 times since the system was introduced. But last week it helped do something it's never done before — it rescued a woman's Chrysler. Yup, carjackers who don't read Jalopnik are going to be so confused.


The standalone OnStar FMV system — basically a replacement rearview mirror tucked full of GPS and communications gear — went on sale for non-GM consumers this year. So it was only a matter of time before they helped save a non-GM car. And oh, you better believe GM's touting the hell out of it.

For Jean Franklin of Gresham, Oregon it was only a matter of two days. She purchased one for her 2006 Chrysler 300 on December 16th. Her car was stolen on December 18th.

She quickly reported the theft to the police and the OnStar was activated. The unlucky suspect was in custody sixty-four minutes later.

Big Brother is now watching more than Chevys. Car thieves have now been warned.


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Whatever. Who the hell wants a stolen car returned?