I tell car buyers all the time that the best deal maybe several hours away if they are willing to take the drive. Trying to get a deal on a Honda in NYC illustrated that it is worth going out to the suburbs to avoid the stealerships. But would you travel across the country to get exactly what you want?

Many Tesla buyers have to travel across state lines to take delivery, due to the local franchise laws in their state. Jamie Kitman from Automobile magazine is no stranger to going out of his way to get the perfect ride. In his most recent adventure, he drove all the way from New York to Kentucky to pick up a brand-new Mini Clubvan. That is quite a haul, but considering that only 52 Clubvans made their way into the US, he didn't have much of a choice.


Our man Doug DeMuro searched far and wide for his Ferrari 360 with a manual transmission. Did you know that Doug drives a Ferrari? He really should talk about that more. Like Doug, many of us have very specific requirements on what we want and we certainly aren't going to be confined to a small geographic region.


One of my customers took the drive from Baltimore to Philly to get a wonderful BMW 3-series wagon, with a manual transmission and only 423 miles on the clock. But I'm sure that was a minor road-trip compared to what some of you have done.

So how far have you gone to get the car of your dreams? Did it work out?

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