I have a small bladder. Maybe not Jason Torchinsky small (he rolls with an empty jug marked "WARNING: TEPID URINE"). But small. If I'm empty I can do two, maybe three hours tops. I bring this up for a reason.

While this isn't technically a Jalopnik comment, we shared the excellent road trip roundup from them and one of editors there (B.Z. Rong, probably) provided a classic exchange. Read the whole thing here, but here's the best part in reply to Magman007 :

To be fair, you guys are the Best bathroom material of all time. ALL TIME. The articles are of perfect length for a bowel movement. Not sure if there is science behind that or not, but it should be noted. I'll make an award you can brag about on the covers for this achievement if you would like :) In addition to that, when it was 52 issues a year, you would finish one right as the next came out. Love it!


And the reply.

I hope you poop more than twice a month. If our print schedule is holding up your bowel schedule, then we apologize.

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