How Exactly Did A Gun Get Stuck In This Guy's Front Bumper?

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Last week in Lakewood, Washington, a guy driving home from work saw a black object in the air, heard a thud, and kept on driving. When he finally stopped at a gas station, he found a pistol lodged in his front bumper.

That’s all according to Guy Gill, a Washington State Patrol Trooper, who told the Associated Press that it was a “completely bizarre way to recover a weapon.” I’ll say!

What I can’t quite wrap my head around is how wildly improbable this is of happening at all. Here’s another shot of the gun, via the Washington State Patrol:


KING reports that, “It’s not clear if the gun was thrown, dropped from an overpass, or if it was on the ground and kicked up by another vehicle.”


The last possibility seems highly unlikely, since a gun kicked up by another car probably wouldn’t have the force to lodge itself so perfectly in the front bumper.

That leaves us with the other two. For my money, “dropped from an overpass” seems like our winner. Let’s take a closer look at the hole. Computer, enhance.


That hole suggests that the gun fell from above, before falling to its side, which would happen if it was coming from above, even though, presuming that’s what happened, this is still a million-to-one shot.


As you can see, the gun was missing its magazine, and no one was hurt in the incident. All of which left the driver with what I can only assume was an interesting call to his insurance company.