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How Does Lindsay Lohan Still Have A Drivers License?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although Lindsay Lohan's latest car accident was pretty insignificant by itself, it could, in a more rational world, have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back where her driving privileges are concerned. Do we have to wait for her to kill someone before the Golden State takes away her license?


At the very least, her car insurance must be ridiculous. Lohan and driving were enough of a concern for Lifetime producers to specify that she couldn't operate a motor vehicle while they were filming Liz & Dick, in which Lohan starred as Elizabeth Taylor (the insurance for the picture would have been too high). Just this year, she's been involved in three accidents, one of them a hit and run.

Lindsay Lohan and cars don't appear to mix well, but let's let history be the ultimate decider on that. Here's a rundown of her vehicle-related mishaps:

So let's see, that's seven incidents in five years. Lohan wasn't at fault in one of the hit-and-runs, but still, that's quite the pile of vehicular mishaps for someone who's only 26 years old.


Are there any I'm missing? I've mined numerous sources for information — the tidiest one being a chronological list of Lohan's legal problems on a celebrity gossip blog — and there don't seem to be other crashes in her portfolio. But there are enough, I think, to classify her as a DMV train wreck.

So how about it, California DMV? Are we done yet? Like anyone else, Lohan definitely needs a car to get around L.A. (I can't see her taking the bus to Beverly Hills boutiques), but she can probably afford a chauffeur, especially after that cool million she scored by allowing Playboy to take pictures of her naked.

Photo credit: EdwinAC/Shutterstock, California Department of Motor Vehicles