Illustration for article titled Lindsay Lohan In Not-At-All Symbolic Minor Car Crash On Sunset Boulevard

Well, she's done it again. Not two months after her last crash, Linsay Lohan has been in another car accident, albeit this time only a minor fender bender.


LiLo's summer crash theme seems to be iconic L.A. thoroughfares. Her last wreck was on the Pacific Coast Highway, and this one — she tapped the back of a Ford Mustang with her black Porsche Panamera — went down on Sunset Boulevard.


The Mustang's driver said Lohan's male passenger apologized and gave her a phone number before explaining that they were being chased by paparazzi. The damage to the Mustang was minimal — a little scratch or something.

If I had a scratch like that on my car, I'd use it as a selling point. "You see that scratch right there? Lindsay Lohan hit my car and didn't total it!" Instant Hollywood memorabilia. That's definitely worth a couple extra grand. (Hat tip to $skaycog!)


Photo credit: x17online

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