How Do You Sell Pickup Trucks In Asia? Toyota Says 'Insane Dance Video'

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In Mother 'Murica, you sell pickup trucks with Bob Seger. The King Ranch. Floor-spittin' horse-towing Marlboro-Man shit. Down east they do it a little different; Toyota's just commissioned their own Gangnam Style-style dance number to sell their Hilux pickup and it is batshit insane.

Ad agency Dentsu Aegis cooked up this "dance-ver-tisement" (like that? AdWeek went with adver-dance-ment) with the simple tagline:

"Strange things happen when nature calls in the jungle."

Basically a pack of business men are tooling around the woods in office attire doing the Night At The Roxbury head-dance, collectively decide to urinate, and when they apparently cross the streams on a delightfully cheesy fake gorilla's head, group-dance ensues.

It's actually pretty funny, and if you've been dying for a replacement to What Does The Fox Say since that burned a hole in your headphones you just might dance into Toyota's marketing trap and find yourself "doing the Wakudoki."

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Toyota wants you to film yourself Wakudoki'ing, send them the video and hashtag the shit out of it for a chance to WiN a TrIp To ToKyo!


I actually love this beat, but I have multiple NSYNC CDs in my car's changer so don't take my word for it.

Special thanks to Patrick George for sending me this at who cited AdWeek who apparently picked it up off Ads Of The World.

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Mind you, is not a random group of dancers but World Order. They are quite well known for some of their routines