How Do You Enjoy A Car While Living In A City?

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Living in cities is fun, and so is driving. But the two go together like oil and water. How do you enjoy a car living in an urban area?

If you've ever gone from living in the country or the suburbs to living in a city, you know how easy it is to take driving for granted. In fact, you might even get frustrated that you have to drive so many places. The opposite is true in a city-you wish you could drive more, but because there's so much traffic and parking is a Herculean task, you're more likely to just take the subway.

One way to enjoy your urban transport is to get it out of there are remind yourself why you keep it around. On the weekends, or whenever you have time, get out the gridlock and take your car to some back roads and let it stretch its legs. A few hours of this will hopefully keep you satisfied while you deal with stop and go traffic the rest of the week.


What do you think is the best way to make having a car in a city more fun?

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