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An event called the California Truck Invasion was out at Orange Show Speedway in California on Saturday, and holy cow, the videos popping up on the internet make this thing look wildly dangerous—like, more dangerous than going to Cars and Coffee and willingly walking in the path of a Mustang.


While we don’t have any official confirmation that all of this stuff happened at this particular truck show, all of these posts have the hashtag that corresponds with the event and the walls all have “Orange Show Speedway” on them. So, there’s that.

It looks like this truck show turned into a big free for all, with spectators and photographers standing on inside walls of the speedway while vehicles drifted and did burnouts all around them. And, as you’ll soon see, it doesn’t exactly look safe.


Let’s start with this one, which is a big yikes. After two different crashes occur and one even forces a person to hop off of the wall he or she was standing on, the folks out driving just continue their drifts and burnouts while people scatter across the race track:

And here’s closer angle:

Here’s a great view of everyone else continuing to do their thing after the wrecks, which is, yet again, yikes:


There isn’t video, but you probably expected this one:


Slightly less dangerous was this fight that apparently happened at the show:


Look at how close everyone is to these cars, which are obviously not immune to wrecking! Multiple times!


Be safe out there, everyone. Cars are cool, but cars are slightly less cool when they are a few feet from wrecking into you, the spectator. Get behind a large wall or something, at the very least.

Big thanks to Ryan, a drifter who wants casual viewers to know this is indeed a show rather than a true drifting event, for sending over the Instagram links!

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