How Are American Cars Doing?

Just got done watching Wert shoot shit with Farah on Garage 419 and they end the segment talking about the state of American cars. Farah took the opinion that all American cars are junk. An opinion, curiously, shared by my very own brother in law. Wert professed the opinion I would have — yeah, the Sebring is bollocks (and we hear the new SRT-4 is somehow worse), but there are some jewels. On the HHR SS drive someone showed up with the new CTS and I'm standing by my claim that it is the best looking front end ever fit to an American car. Cords included. Way to nail it, Cadillac. Of course, the Caddy wasn't parked too far away from the dear departed Holden Pontiac GTO, which looks liked a messed up jellybean. So, where are the yank tanks at?


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