How A Herd Of Cattle Brought Down A 747

If you've ever flown a long-haul red eye, you may remember how the cabin took on a certain odoriferous funk as everyone began to wake up. Well the same thing happened on a recent 747 cargo flight carrying a herd of cattle, and it was so bad that the plane was forced to land.

Humans and cows aren't much different when it comes to how our bodies handle changes in altitude and air pressure. If there's gas inside us it expands at higher altitude where there is less air pressure, and it wants out. Lucky enough for cows, they don't have to be concerned about offending the heifer in 18C and can just let nature take its course.


And so it came to pass for this group of about 400 cows, while flying near Ireland. Their farts natural release of warm methane gas and slightly higher body temperatures fooled the fire sensors in the cargo bay into thinking there was a fire aboard the plane. Pilots made a Mayday call and landed at London Heathrow airport, where fire investigators found nothing awry.

Top photo via Getty Images

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