How A Gearhead Tests A $900 Flask

I expect my whiskey flask to do three things: be discreet, provide me with enough liquid courage to get through the day, and shield my heart from an assassin's bullet like on TV. (I have a lot of enemies, you know.) But if you spend $900 on a flask, what guarantee do you have that it's tough and ready for battle? Make sure it's supercar tested, that's how.

The Macallan distillery, that purveyor of fine single malt scotch, recently unveiled a flask that looks like something the SAS would carry into some secret battlefield. It costs £600, which comes out to more than $900. I don't know why anyone would spend that much on a flask, but then again, I'm not a rich douchebag. 


But as we see from this video, it stands up to various tests of durability from a variety of supercars, including a Hennessey Ford GT and a Mercedes SLS AMG. For good measure there's a Cobra knockoff and some kind of E46 with a ridiculous wing. Try to ignore the grating honky tonk music in the background. 

It's all good fun, I suppose. I mean, testing an overly expensive flask is exactly what I would do if I had a Hennessey Ford GT for an afternoon. Wouldn't you?

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