Illustration for article titled Houston Bus Drivers So Afraid Of Bullies They Hold A Protest

Houston bus drivers have had enough. Fights, drug use, weapons, students jumping out of moving buses, even assault against drivers have plagued the Texas city's school district. About 30 drivers rallied outside of Houston's school district headquarters Tuesday to ask administrators for help.


Drivers say the bad behavior isn't isolated. School bus bullies are a problem all over the district, although consensus pointed at junior high schoolers as the main instigators.

Each bus is already equipped with security cameras and hat they're asking for is a system to hold bus riders accountable for their behavior. That way, if a student gets kicked off of one bus for throwing an M80 under the seats or blowing weed smoke in the driver's face, the little punk won't be able to walk a couple of blocks to catch another bus.


Yeah, but what if that punk kid is the one who saves your life?

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