Hotchkis Mods New Challenger, Defiles 1970 Challenger T/A 340 Six-Pack

Sweet gods of motoring modification, is nothing holy? Hotchkis will be bringing a pair of heavily modified Dodge Challengers to this year's SEMA show in Vegas. We've no problem with the modded 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 they're towing to the show. No, our problem is with the other — a 1970 T/A 340 Six-Pack. We don't have much info on the new Challenger, but we do know the paint scheme will match the vintage one shown — which is not an original 340 Six Pack, thankfully. And the paint is just the beginning of the modifications.Under the skin, the '70 gets custom upper A-arms riding on relocated pickup points, aluminum tie rods, struts with Heim joints, two-inch-drop springs, front and rear way bars, Flowmaster exhaust and Stoptech brakes hiding behind Forgeline wheels riding on a set of Yokohamas. All of it can go back to stock, and we suspect it probably handles a helluva lot better than the wet noodle it started as, but some things should just go undone. Must parts makers always bring the gaudy heat to SEMA? Oh wait, it's SEMA. Press release follows.

NEW MOPAR TRACK BURNERS & SUSPENSION SYSTEMS TO DEBUT AT 2008 HOTCHKIS SEMA BOOTH Complete High-Performance Handling Systems Now Available for Classic and Modern Dodge Challengers and Other Mopar Muscle Cars Santa Fe Springs, CA – Hotchkis Performance is set to unveil several new bolt-on Chrysler suspension systems at the upcoming 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Handling expert John Hotchkis and his team of engineers will showcase a full array of Chrysler performance mods on a duo of Mopar muscle cars – a 1970 Challenger T/A and Mr. Norm's Super Cuda: a 2009 Challenger SRT that has been transformed into a hard-charging Barracuda. Both cars will showcase the latest advancements in handling technology. The 1970 Challenger, codenamed E-MAX, started out as a totally stock '70 Challenger converted by a previous owner to 340 Six-Pack trim. Hotchkis components include new fabricated steel upper a-arms with bolt-in relocation suspension pickup point brackets, fabricated strut rods with Heim joints to eliminate excess front suspension play, bump steer corrected aluminum steering rods with adjustable Heim joint ends, a new balanced front and rear sway bar package, performance springs that lower the car two-inches and fabricated steel subframe connectors for improved rigidity. These front suspension products create a proper negative camber curve, sufficient positive camber for high speed stability and full bump and droop travel without bumpsteer. Essentially Hotchkis has revised the antiquated front suspension with modern geometry. E-MAX will also feature Stoptech Brakes, Forgeline Wheels, Yokohama Tires, Flowmaster Exhaust, Red Line Oil and engine fluids and power by Optima Batteries. The car will retain its 340 Six Pack powerplant and Hurst Pistol Grip equipped four-speed transmission. For nearly two decades, Hotchkis Performance has been making muscle and sports cars faster on the track and more fun to drive on the street. The Hotchkis philosophy of engineering bolt-on, no-cutting required performance parts that have been thoroughly track tested and race proven means enthusiasts can modify their car for a dramatically improved, grin-inducing driving experience without permanently altering their car. Simply stash your old parts in the garage, bolt-on a Hotchkis Sport Suspension system and hit the gas. If you ever want to bring your ride back to factory stock, simply pull the old parts out of storage and you're good to go. "Mr. Norm" Kraus, who rose to fame as the proprietor of Grand Spaulding Dodge and a drag racing icon, will also be talking to fans and signing autographs in the Hotchkis booth from 2:00 – 3:00pm Wednesday, November 5th at the SEMA Show.



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