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Hot Wheels projects fantasy 3D race on Aussie landmark

Illustration for article titled Hot Wheels projects fantasy 3D race on Aussie landmark

Convict David O'Connor was famously hanged right where Sydney's historic Customs House now stands. Some say his ghost lurks about, offering visitors swigs of rum. Hot Wheels used the landmark's facade for a ghostly 3D-projection extravaganza promoting its Skull Racers.


Who needs the mind-altering effects of Australian overproof when you've got sick 3D technology? The toy-car brand teamed up with high-tech agency Muse Amsterdam to create a 3D movie depicting a fantasy race, which they projected onto the Sydney Customs' House, incorporating the House's architectural details into the scenes. It's fairly mind-blowing stuff, even without a sip from O'Connor's ghostly flask.

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Hung? Sheriff Bart was hung. David O'Connor was hanged.