Hot Rod's Final Four Best Car Movie Candidates

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Polls are open until the first of the year in Hot Rod's "Top Car Movie Ever" contest and while the contenders aren't exactly surprising in the earlier categories, it's rather shocking that the Gone in 60 Seconds remake beat out Ronin for the late-period nomination. We suppose Hot Rod's readership don't cotton much to them furrin cars. Unshockingly, American Graffiti and Bullitt are out front in the voting, but if Smokey and the Bandit doesn't win this thing, we're gonna go around smashing any and every Highland Green Mustang and piss-yellow/puke-green Deuce we can find. Save the Fords, friends. Alan Mulally will thank you. Vote Smokey, the film that Alfred Hitchcock once called his favorite guilty pleasure. Hal Needham for President!

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