The ringleader drives a T-bucket with six pots, and the gang earns their bread strippin' the squares' sleds. Welcome to 1961's The Choppers!

Hot Rod Hooligans Rip '60 Buicks, Make Getaway In Chicken Truck: The Choppers!

Not only do the Choppers- who go by monikers like Snooper, The Torch, and Cruiser- use state-of-the-art (for 1943) communication technology, they listen to some of the cheesiest music ever recorded. Meanwhile, a sexy Renault Dauphine-driving cop's wife is on their trail. Made on a C-movie budget that would have had even Russ Meyer screaming about limitations, The Choppers satisfies all our cinematic needs while accurately depicting the societal downward spiral that led straight to the Manson Family and the 1910 Fruitgum Company. Enjoy.

[Isotope Guerrilla Cult Theatre, via BoingBoing]