Hot Babes Dig Discount Deals On '88 Pontiac Grand Ams

So The General makes this seriously 80s-looking ad for the '88 Grand Am, so much of its time that a fine sheen of chlamydia-scented cocaine crystals will form on your TV screen just watching it. But wait! The General notes that nobody is actually buying Grand Ams, so he orders his admeisters to splice in some stuff about desperate-smelling discounts in between the shots of the undernourished-looking Grand Am-lovin' 80s babe. Hmm... you don't see many of these cars around any more...


Rob Emslie

The '88 Grand Am ad- that's a dude, right? I mean his adam's apple is bigger than his dirty pillows.

Maybe Pontiac saw an untapped androgyny market back in the day? That would explain the Aztek and all that plastic cladding.