A Cambridge, Ontario man has managed to injure himself in a most unusual way: with his remote starter. The 32-year-old was going from car to store when he accidentally tapped the "start" button instead of the "lock" button on his key fob. His vehicle came to life, and, being a manual in first gear, pinned him against the van he was parked behind. While the man sustained only minor injuries to his legs and back, we imagine he's just aboot dying of embarrassment.

On a tangential note, one of us had a friend in college who was in love with car gadgets. His '93 T-Bird SC was decked out with all the goodies available at the turn of the century, and included was a remote starter. Only problem was the car in question was a manual and the parking brake was hit or miss. Needless to say, eventually the 'Bird ended up punching a hole in the back of his parents garage when he started it while in gear. Moral of the story; Don't disable the safety interlocks on your cars, kids. [TheRecord]