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Yes! Finally, I can finally drive down the highway and rather than honking the normal horn at the asshole that cut me off, I can blare Jigga What by Jay-Z because that is obviously a more suitable horn noise. The Horntones is essentially an in-dash MP3 player hooked up to a traditional horn speaker. It includes presets for 10 MP3s and it supports up to 256 MB of MP3s.


You load up the Horntones with your MP3s of choice, set the 10 presets to designated songs and begin to drive. When it is deemed appropriate, simply push a button to play a MP3 song. This is like taking the ringtone fad to an entirely new and more annoying level. It's available for $300 and includes the player with mounting brackets, an amplifier and the horn speaker with necessary cables and instructions. [ThinkGeek]

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