Hoontastic XL7 Seeks Pikes Peak Pwnage

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Mister Rod Millen, Monster Tajima has your 1994 Pikes Peak Hill Climb record in his sights and he's picked one of the most astonishing Suzukis this side of a turbine-powered Gixxer to make his run at your 10:04:06 time. Featuring a whole bunch of race-spec equipment, not the least of which is its twin-turbo, thousand-horsepower GM V6. We're ascared of this machine. Incredibly ascared. [Suzukisport via Autoblog]

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@sandwich_pants: I do indeed remember the Escudo in GranTurismo, and after the 2nd game I thought they didn't really exist because I'd never seen one again, but it warms my heart to finally get to see a real one.