Hoon of the Weekend: WRC Drivers!!

We absolutely hate nu-metal. Or rapcore. Or "Wah!! Mommy didn't love me and daddy wasn't around to beat me enough" wuss crap. Whatever it's called, Korn, Linkin Park (sorry Brad), Mudvayne, Limp Bizkit and any other faux-angst, misspelled suburban dork troupes can simply go away and stop making us sad. Though, we did take a Super Shuttle to LAX with Korn's keyboard player and he (despite wearing his hat like Plaxico Burress) was a very cool dude. Regardless, the meshugenuh moves the drivers in the above video make are enough to... you thought we were going to say "like nu metal," didn't you? In fact, we were going to say, "Not press mute." Sit back and enjoy the flaming sub-compacts.

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