Hoon of the Day: Speed Skating

Finally, some first-rate hoonage. With the dearth of such clips lately, we's almost thought all the great vehicular nut cases had been accounted for, one way or another. Not that we're condoning this spectacularly dangerous and foolhardy behavior, but when cojones were being passed out, these guys must have snuck around back and raided the stash. Birkenstock, call the front desk. [Thanks to Ilari for the tip.]


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Wow. Just wow.

They were doing that in sandals and dresses. They didn't even have skates on! I can't even imagine what would happen to one of these guys when a shoe decides to let go...

At least the driver was being safe - he had his 4-way flashers going. It's always nice to warn the cars behind you to beware of flying bodies.