Hoon of the Day: Loyalicide in Ontario

These Canadian Hoon of the Day contestants combine two classic hoonic themes: first, the pointless destruction of a running vehicle like a bunch of ether-drunk chimpanzees with a grudge against every creation of humankind (in this case, a '94 Subaru Loyale) and, second, getting some serious air by taking a running start at a jump with said vehicle. This video suffers from some impossible-to-decipher nighttime footage and overall excessive length, but at least there's no lo-fi Metallica or Sublime overdub drowning out the sound of the Subie's demise. 10 bonus points for attaining a truly alarming rate of speed on the run-up to the jump and another 5 for blowing the engine. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 33.

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I'd like to add an additional half a point for the gratuitous use of a perfectly good lawn tractor as a battering ram and another half point for merely contemplating "octane booster" for the doomed Subie.