Hoon Of The Day: Japanese Car Soccer

Japan is just the gift that keeps on giving, from kei cars to lovable but bizarre concepts like the the Toyota i-Real, but it's the extracurriculars which make for today's auto amusement. Sure drifting Previas are sexy, but car soccer is a ballet of crushing metal and gigantic balls. How does it work? Take all the rules of regular soccer and play the game with cars. We'll admit the judges seem pretty lax on handing out penalties, and it looks more like a sneaky way to have a demolition derby, but it does look like a lot of laughs. We took the liberty to clip out a section of footage from a game and the whole game is available below — if you're into that kind of thing.

First Half (~8 minutes)


Second Half (~7 minutes)

[Youtube Part 1 and Youtube Part 2, via About Cars]

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