All teenagers think that they're God's gift to motorsports and, unless they're a Foyt or an Andretti, chances are their skills don't quite match up to their aspirations. Take the case of a 19-year old hoon from Victoria, Australia, who apparently took what's left of this VY HSV Clubsport out for a test drive. While the young man became very familiar with the power and handling of the tuned Holden, he never quite got a handle on the brakes.

According to

"A 19 year old [hoon] took out a VY HSV Clubsport out for a test drive from Bundoora Holden in Victoria. On the drive back to the dealer he gave a little too much gas around the last corner before the Dealership, lost control of the car, mounted the curb and flew 10 metres over the gate into the Front Yard of the dealership!"


We're guessing this kid doesn't get a good deal on financing. [IM4GES via DIGG