Hoon of the Day: Hey, Do You Smell Gas?

Not all young hoonabies who strive for serious jumps achieve their hoon wings quite the way they expected. For example, in this video we see a really promising setup: Trashed '69 Olds Delta 88, group of bored rural teenagers, and a big empty pasture. Unfortunately, the fuel system isn't quite up to safety standards, flames blast out of the rotted exhaust system with every backfire, and the leaky tank isn't helped any by kidney-busting off-road action and jump attempts. No bonus points here, but the end result is a nice solid effort. Hey kids, next time figure out how to turn off the date/time display on the camcorder, 'kay? Hoon-O-Meter reading: 29 points.

Who's the Hoon of the Week? You Decide! [internal]

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"Are we gonna get in trouble?"



"Why? I dunno, seems like most people get in trouble for things like these..."


Yup. most people do. At least they had the sense to call the FD, instead of just running. That counts for something... right?