Hoon of the Day: Camaro Skiing

How do you show all the other kids down at the Whyte Flyte Centre Mall that you've got weightier testicular heft than the other guys? How do you out-badass the dude with the Maltese cross tatt on his neck? How do you get two chicks at the same time? Dude, you know how! Just grab onto the back of your buddy's Camaro and hang on while he spins some guh-narly donuts in the parking lot. Oops, don't fall down! It's hard to tell if this hoon starts out on a board, skates, or shoes, but his footwear becomes irrelevant rather quickly anyway. Bonus points for the classic Camero-with-an-E spelling in the original YouTube post; that almost makes up for the helmet penalty.

Hoon of the Day: Wild Camaro Rider [internal]

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Ahhhh. Life in the shallow end of the gene pool. How quaint. Now if they would only add a little more chlorine.