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Honor Your Mother With A Mid-'70s Big Block Muscle Car

Illustration for article titled Honor Your Mother With A Mid-70s Big Block Muscle Car

Andre Da Silva is a stunt man and actor for television, movies, and video games. He’s also an out-and-out muscle car fanatic, and for an incredible reason. His mother was killed when she was hit by a car after her own automobile had broken down. Andre vowed that nobody in his family would ever have a breakdown again, and learned how to wrench in honor of his mother. To have an incredible automotive fanaticism grow out of such a tragic event, and spawn a life of collecting and building and driving. There aren’t many Oldsmobile enthusiasts out there, but the ones that still love them are hard core about it.

This episode of The House of Muscle centers on Andre’s 1975 Hurst/Olds Cutlass Supreme with an optional 455 big-block that has been pumped up to nearly 600 horsepower with an extra 250 shot of nitrous just for good measure. The suspension has been completely reconfigured, and the interior is still being restored (you’ll notice the headliner is out for this filming). Being that this car was kitted out from the factory with the “Hurst Hatch” t-tops, and an extra pimpy white interior, it might be the perfect boulevard cruiser muscle car now.


This big boat of a car can actually handle reasonably well now, and with more than double the power it came with standard, it’s an impressive display of Oldsmobile pro-touring-ish prowess. This is the kind of car that you wouldn’t be afraid to take to the drag strip on a Saturday night, take to a track day on Sunday morning, then kick off a cross-country road trip on Monday. It’s fast, it’s comfortable, and it gives the owner a whole lot of joy. Isn’t that really the point of being a car person? It seems to me that Andre really gets it.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Makes me regret not taking my parents 1977 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme as a hand me down in highschool.

It was in perfect condition in 1994 when I started driving.

- white exterior with the white Rally wheels

-red velour interior + red vinyl top

- international badging so it had the center floor mounted shifter and gm’s version of bucket seats

- 350 V8

But being a stupid 16 year old at the time, I wanted a lowered Honda with a loud 4 cylinder.

They ended up giving it away to one of their friends years later who didn’t take care of it and junked it.

By the time my automotive tastes matured it was gone.

Would’ve been nice to have it now and mod it similar to the one in the video... doing a quick search for the cutlass supreme you hardly find them for sale... especially spec’d like my parents Oldsmobile cutlass supreme.