How’s this for a dream home for car geeks: a large warehouse in Sydney converted into a home with ample space to park a car, any car, smack in the middle of the living room.

Located in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Camperdown, the house is not much to look at from the outside. It looks like the warehouse it is.


As with any warehouse project, the problem was light. Warehouses are designed to store stuff. Generally, stuff doesn’t need light and air. Humans seem to need both. A courtyard blasted into the middle of the structure solved both problems.

Apparently, parking is as much an issue in downtown Sydney as it is in any metropolis worth its salt. Apparently, this issue necessitated placing the garage


between some lounge chairs and a staircase. Or is it not called a garage when rich people park a racing car in their living room?

It’s all a bit confusing, really. All the photos of the home show the same living area, with slivers of GT40 for decoration. The architecturally inclined amongst you can click over to Arch Daily and peruse the detailed floorplans. The rest of us can wonder at the connotations of having a GT40 in your living room.


Will it cloud the chaise lounge in rich smoke when you start it up? Will it track dirt and racetrack debris all over the rich floors? Will it make a pretty nightlight to illuminate the pages of L.J.K. Setright’s The Grand Prix Car 1954/1966?

A Ford GT40 in your living room is simply a wonderful problem to have.

Photo Credit: Steve Back, Corben Architects. Read more about the house on Arch Daily. Special thanks to Béla Hofstatter.

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