Honda Turned Its Other Mid-Engine Sports Car Into a Rad Race Car Concept

As good as the Acura NSX is, it’s still hard not to be jealous of the Honda Modulo Neo Classic Racer, a rad retro concept based on its other mid-engine sports car, the S660, which we don’t get in America. What a bummer.

The original S660 Neo Classic started out as a concept car, but later went into production as a retro body kit for people who wanted to take their already-sleep S660 and dial it back a few decades in the design department. Now the Modulo Neo Classic Racer is basically a racing-inspired version of the body kit, but it’s not yet clear if it will also go into production.


The fascia has been modified to mimic the taped-Xs racers put over their headlights, a decal stripe runs right down the middle of the car, front to back, there’s new bolt-on fender flares, a little leather belt strap to “hold down” the hood, and a large duck-tail spoiler that blends down into a sharply squared-off rear end that looks incredible.

But the concept just seems to be completely cosmetic, as Honda hasn’t announced any particular performance upgrades over the normal S660's very Keicar-like 63 horsepower and 77 lb-ft of torque, carrying around 1,850 pounds of weight.


Now just give us an OEM retro bodykit for the Acura NSX and we’ll call it even, Honda.

Via Road & Track

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