This Bodykit Completely Transforms One Of Honda's Coolest Cars

We’ve written about Honda’s S660 Neo Classic before; specifically, we wished it was real. Well, I’m happy to say that, perhaps as a way of making up for what a shitshow of a year this has been, the Honda S660 Neo Classic bodykit is real, and it’s fantastic. I love the way it looks, and the very idea that a major car company will sell you a nearly entirely new body for your car.

There’s something about the friendly and sporty and retro and modern look of that thing that’s just really working for me. I really like the look of this thing.


The normal Honda S660 is already a good looking car. It’s a bit like a Kei-class NSX, a tiny, engaging little sports car. The Neo Classic bodykit takes the already gleeful tiny mid-engined sports car formula and injects it with some primo black market retronium, a substance that jacks up a car’s inherent charm to almost lethal levels.


As you can see by this nifty diagram Honda provided, the kit replaces pretty much every external body panel on the S660, completely transforming the look of the car. The exceptions are the doors and the underlying unibody frame, but beyond that, almost every other major visual body element is new.

The cost of the kit comes to about $11,700 in U.S. dollars, and that doesn’t include the cost of the car, which is about $16,500. Some sources put it at $17,800, but you get the ballpark.


The design is clearly inspired by Honda’s very first actual car, the sporty S500, the car that managed to do the classic British sports car better than the British, and was a harbinger of Japanese automotive prowess to come. Also, it’s pretty adorable.


Still, combined, that’s $28,200, which doesn’t seem unreasonable for such a unique and fun little sporty car. I mean, sure, it’s limited to 64 horsepower from its 660cc inline-three, but when your car looks this great, you want to be sure people have a chance to see it, right?


I like this thing a lot. I’d rather be seen in one of these than a Bugatti Chiron, no question. Plus, the very idea that Honda is even selling what is effectively an entirely different body for a production car is not just remarkable, but I think pretty much unique in the modern automotive landscape.

I wonder if they have a buyback plan for the old S660 body parts?

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